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Partnership Registration !!!

A Partnership is one of the most important forms of a business organization, where two or more people come together to form a business for mutual objective and divide the profits thereof in an agreed ratio. A Partnership is easy to form and the compliance is minimal as compared to companies.

Any Name Can Be Given To A Partnership Firm As Long As You Fulfill The Below-Mentioned Conditions:

  1. 1. The Name Shouldn't Be Too Similar Or Identical To An Existing Firm Doing The Same Business.
  2. 2. The Name Shouldn't Contain Words Like Emperor, Crown, Empress, Empire Or Any Other Words Which Show Sanction Or Approval Of Government.

A partnership deed is an agreement between the partners in which rights, duties, profits shares and other obligations of each partner is mentioned.
Partnership deed can be written or oral, although it is always advisable to write a partnership deed to avoid any conflicts in the future.
Indian Partnership Act, 1932 governs the partnerships. The registration of the partnership firm is optional and at the discretion of the partners.
Registration of partnership firm may be done at any time - before starting a business or anytime during the continuation of the partnership.

Documents Required For Partnership Registration

  1. 1. PAN Card, Passport Size Photo, Email Id & Mobile No Of All Partners(Self Attested).
  2. 2. ID And Address Proof Of All Partner (Self Attested) - Adhar Card Or Voter ID Or Passport Or DL Or Utility Bill Etc. I,E, Electricity Bill And Mobile Bill, Any One From These Options (Self Attested).
  3. 3. Registered Office Proof ( Latest Utility Bill I.E. Electricity Bill And Mobile Bill Or Gas Bill And Rent Agreement With NOC For Rented Premises.
  4. 4. Original Partnership Deed And Bank Account Details Of Partners & Partnership Firm (Canceled Cheque Or Bank Statement Etc.).Application Form In Prescribed Format And Any Other Documents, If Any Required By The Registrar.
  5. 5. Documents For Process Of Partnership Firm Deed Registration In Delhi.

Documents Provides

  1. Original Partnership Deed
  2. GST Registration
  3. PAN Acknowledgement
  4. TAN Acknowledgement

Prepare Documents

  1. 1. After receiving your document & payment, we prepare all nessessary documents for your company registration in 2 working days and sent you for signing.
  2. 2. Whenever you get the document, coordinate with your relationship manager and fill the remaining information and sign the documents.

Easy Formation

The only requirement for starting a partnership firm in most cases is a partnership deed. Hence, it is relatively ease to form. Legal formalities associated with formation are minimal. Though, the registration of a partnership is desirable, but not obligatory.

Unlimited Liability

That means, if the assets of the firm are insufficient to meet the liabilities, the personal properties of the partners, if any, can also be utilized to meet the business liabilities.


The partnership business is flexible. The partners can easily appreciate and quickly react to the changing conditions. No giant business organisation can run so quick and quickly respond to new opportunities.

Tax And Compliances Advantage

Partnerships are pass-through tax entities. Taxation rates and compliances applicable to partnership firms are lower than the other form of business.

Diffusion Of Risk

In case of partnership, the losses of the firm are shared by all the partners as per their agreed profit-sharing ratios. Thus, the share of loss in case of each partner will be less than that in case of proprietorship.

Continuity Of Business

A partnership cannot carry out in perpetuity. Death, retirement, bankruptcy, insolvency or insanity of any partner will dissolve the partnership. The remaining partners may continue the partnership if they so choose, but a new agreement must be drawn up between the new partners or remaining partners.