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Proprietorship Registration !!!

A sole proprietorship is one of the easiest and simplest form of business entity to register and maintain in India. It is managed and owned by a single individual. It has several advantages over other business entities. They are easy to form and the owners enjoy sole control over business profit. It does not require huge compliance and registration process as the Company does.

Documents Required For Proprietorship Registration

  1. 1. Aadhar Card.
  2. 2. PAN Card.
  3. 3. Bank Account.
  4. 4. Registered Office Proof.

Documents Provides

  1. GST Registration
  2. MSME Certificate
  3. CA Certificate
  4. Current Bank Account Opening KIT
  5. TAN Acknowledgement

Prepare Documents

  1. 1. After receiving your document & payment, we prepare all nessessary documents for your company registration in 2 working days and sent you for signing.
  2. 2. Whenever you get the document, coordinate with your relationship manager and fill the remaining information and sign the documents.

Inexpensive Formation And Management

The cost of formation of a sole proprietorship is the minimum because no cost is involved in its formation excepting the license fee in certain cases. The management of the business is also inexpensive as no specialists is required to be appointed in various functional areas of the business which is the added advantages.

Quick & Easy Formation

The formation of sole proprietorship business is very easy and simple. No legal formalities are involved for setting up the business. The entrepreneur with initiative and certain amount of capital can set up such form of business.


Each and every aspect of the business is looked after by the proprietor and the business secrets are known to him only. He has no legal obligation to publish his accounts. Thus, the maintenance of adequate secrecy leaves no scope to his competitors to be aware of the business secrets.

Better Control

The entrepreneur check out the plan and execute the same by taking all decision. His eyes are on everything and everyone.This results in better control of the business and ultimately leads to efficiency.

Free Form Government Control

Sole proprietorship is the least regulated type of entity. Regulated laws are almost negligible in its formation, day-to-day operation and dissolution.

Easy Dissolution

Like that of formation, the dissolution of the sole proprietorship is also very easy. Since the proprietor is the supreme authority and no regulations are applicable for closure of the business, he can dissolve his business any time he likes.